Week Ending Friday 13th January 2023

Message from the Headteacher, Ms A. Sharma:

Thank you to all the Year 11 parents/ carers who attended the Parents’ Evening on Thursday. It was great to see you and I hope you were able to discuss the progress of your child with their subject teachers and find out what they need to improve further.

Have a good weekend.

MP Virendra Sharma

Sixth Form students received a letter from MP Virendra Sharma commending their hard work and effort in putting together and delivering Christmas hampers for the elderly and needful in our local community.

Galette des Rois


Students in a Year 10 GCSE French class sampled a Galette des Rois or King cake, which is traditionally eaten on the 6th January in France. A fève, which is a small trinket is hidden inside the dessert. After the cake is cut, whoever gets the fève wins a prize. Students said this was a great way to learn about French traditions and thought the cake was ‘délicieux!’ 

Stretch and Challenge (English Department): Jack Petchey

On Wednesday 11th January 2023, Arpan 10I competed in the ‘Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge’ Regional Finals. Arpan delivered an empowering speech entitled “We need a Democracy” with passion, humour and skill. Rupa Huq and The Worshipful Mayor of Ealing Cllr Mohinder Midha presented the award and complimented the skill and future potential of all of the competitors. The focus of the evening was “if you believe you can, you can”, and Arpan proved that with hard work and determination this is absolutely true!

Year 9 Trip – University of Oxford

Twelve Year 9 girls were selected to participate in the event called “It All Adds Up” at the Mathematical Institute – University of Oxford on Wednesday 11th January 2023. The event exposed the girls to many complex mathematical ideas such as the usage of SIRS Model, and gave an insight to how these models and ideas are implemented in different careers and in real-life. 

Throughout the event, the girls were working collaboratively to identify the solutions to a variety of different mathematically challenging problems. The students’ tenacious attitude was recognised and highly complimented by the host of the event.

Year 9 Vaccinations

The Year 9 teenage booster vaccination day will take place on Friday 20th January 2023. Please check your emails/ texts for the e-vaccine consent form and complete this as soon as possible.

Students should not be carrying any medication unless it has been prescribed by the doctor to take in school, and a medication consent form should be completed for safety purposes.

Due to this cold weather there are many viral infections going around. Please encourage your child to keep warm, have a good breakfast and stay hydrated.

Message to Parents of Year 11 – 13 Students

Students sitting any exams this summer need to be available for the full exam period. They cannot book holidays until Thursday 29th June 2023 onwards.

They will not know their summer exam timetable until later this year, as some exams are still being moved due to clashes. However, regardless of when their last exam is, they must be available up until Wednesday 28th June 2023, as this is the contingency day, alongside two contingency afternoons on Thursday 8th and Thursday 15th June 2023.

Contingency dates are added in case there is a national or local emergency and an exam has to be moved and students must be available for this. 

Enrichment Timetable

Please see the attached enrichment timetable and encourage your child to participate in at least one club each term.

DT Competition

The DT department are running a new competition, please encourage your child to participate.

MCFF Cricket Hub

MCFF run a network of Cricket Hubs providing free coaching for students aged 11 – 16. Please read/ scan the QR code for more information. 

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)

Please read the article for further information regarding the comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF).

School production

Rehearsals for this year’s production of ‘Arabian Nights’ are ongoing and we are very excited for you to see it! Please be aware that rehearsals run through majority of the winter term, we will now be including Monday rehearsals and do not finish until 5pm. With the dark nights drawing in, please make plans for your child to get home safely whether that involves picking them up or arranging for them to walk home with an older student in the cast. Students are working very hard and we would like all of them to continue attending.

Tickets are now live on ParentPay from today, priced at £5 for adults and £2.50 for students.   

Help the Homeless

To support our community, as Villiers have been doing for many years, we are planning a donation to help the homeless of Southall. We would like students to contribute towards the cause and we will be donating this to the charity – Hope for Southall Street Homeless.

We are looking for men’s clothes in the size medium:

  • Joggers
  • Hoodies 
  • Thermal leggings
  • Socks
  • Trainers (sizes 8, 9 & 10)
  • Winter jackets

The dropping point will be N2a and for more information, please contact Ms Jasmin & Mr Silva. The last date for collection is Friday 20th January 2023. Thank you for your support in advance.

Sustainability Updates

Gardening Club

This week the gardening club has repotted bulbs from pots to larger plots. Students learnt about the conditions needed for bulbs to grow, the function of the roots and propagation. 

Let’s Go Southall

Let’s Go Southall is a group of community organisations, charities and volunteers working together to help get Southall more physically active. They are keen for pupils and parents input. Please share your view in their travel consultation at this link: https://www.givemyview.com/southallactivetravel/surveys

They would also like to invite pupils and parents to a map based workshop in Southall Manor House, The Green on Saturday 14th January from 10am-1pm, for an interesting community based workshop.

Key Forthcoming Dates

Get in Touch

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the school further or any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: info@villiers.ealing.sch.uk