Week Ending Friday 25th November 2022

Message from the Headteacher, Ms A. Sharma:

As we approach the darker winter nights, it is important that children do not gather around in groups in parks or around bus stops and shops. They should walk along well lit areas and not take any shortcuts through alleyways, parks etc. to make their way home safely. Whilst they are in school uniform, they are ambassadors of this school and they need to be mindful of the impression they create of themselves and the school. Therefore, they need to ensure they conduct themselves appropriately. In addition, our school’s safety police officer has asked to pass on the following advice to all parents which can help to keep your child safe.

  • Ensure you know where your children are and when they will be home.
  • Having conversations about the safest route home and avoiding shortcuts or unnecessary stops on the way.
  • Do not allow your children or young person to be accompanied by anyone involved in ASB or disorder.
  • Encourage your children or young person not to hang around in large groups.
  • Please report any ASB or disorder you are aware of or you hear of to the school or to the police.
  • Ask your child to be aware of their surroundings when out and avoid using a mobile phone in public or having any valuables on display.

Have a great weekend.

Stretch and challenge – STEM masterclass

In week three of the STEM masterclass held at Brunel University, Jathusigah 9V and Rida 9H worked in laboratories. In the first half of the lesson, they learnt how to use the load cell apparatus and looked at digital graphs, which can calculate how much pressure is on the apparatus when a load of different weights are placed on it. The heavier the load, the more strain this places on the hook. They then learnt about the buckling of struts apparatus (which bends material). The formula to calculate this bend is: π²EI divided by L², where π= 3.14, E=young’s modulus, I=second moment of area, and L=to the length (of the material). 

Cooking club

Last week students cooked tomato pasta and demonstrated cooking skills such as cutting (Bride method), peeling, rock chopping and dicing. This week students made shortbread and showcased a range of cooking skills such as sieving, creaming, shaping and rolling. 

Year 7 assembly

The theme for this week’s Year 7 assembly was anti-bullying. 7R showed excellent teamwork when presenting their bullying scenarios to the rest of the year group. 

Year 7 & 8 Netball

Well done to the Year 7 & 8 Netball teams who played against Dormers Wells High School this week. A massive improvement was seen in their team work and technical skills. 

Spelling Bee

All Year 10 students took part in the Spelling Bee Competition last Friday 18th November. The semi-finals will be taking place on the 30th November 2022 at 3:10pm.

A huge congratulations to the following students who scored the highest amongst the 250 students who took part: Zayna 10L, Ramisa 10L, Jamal 10I, Ayoub 10S, Jayden 10S, Japji 10C, Aleeza 10C, Archy 10C, Ranna 10C, Amina 10C, Yahye 10C, Tahamida 10G, Sara 10G, Yacoub 10V, Jay 10R, Ankit 10R, Amrita 10R, Abbiha 10R, Ali 10E, Umar 10E and Jasmine 10H.

Girls Football team

Well done to the Year 7 and 8 students who played for the under 13s girls team and competed in the Ealing borough Football tournament. We are very proud of the excellent sportsmanship they portrayed.

Science museum trip

Forty students from Year 8 & 9 visited the Science Museum in South Kensington. Students explored various galleries including Space and Medicine. They also explored the various jobs available in the science field. Year 8 students are currently learning about the digestive system in science and it was incredible for them to observe a dissection table showing the digestive system, as it would be in an actual human. Students were selected by their science teachers for their consistent positive attitude towards their learning.


Please download the above to access the Villiers breakfast and lunch menu.

Wellbeing reps

Every wellbeing rep has now been invited to a Google Classroom with Mr Adams and Ms Qadri. This will be used to collaborate and share content that Villiers should celebrate and discuss what can be done better for students’ wellbeing. The aim will be to create a list of questions together that represent the issues that students feel are affecting them the most, which will then be used for a whole school student wellbeing survey. The answers will be used to help shape the work done to continue supporting students’ wellbeing, as best we can.

World Aids Day

Thursday 1st December is international World Aids Day, an annual recognition of the ongoing fight against HIV and commemoration of the lives lost to and destroyed by the disease. Despite significant progress in the treatment of HIV and Aids, over 105,000 people in the U.K. and 38 million people globally are living with the disease. HIV and Aids is still the source of horrific prejudice, hate and injustice across the world. You can show your support for World Aids Day and those impacted by the disease by buying a ribbon and/or making a donation here. Ribbons will also be available for students to purchase in school for £1.

School production

We have officially started rehearsals for this year’s production of ‘Arabian Nights’. We are very excited for you to see it! Please be aware that rehearsals run through the majority of the Winter term and do not finish until 5pm. With the dark nights drawing in, please make plans for your child to get home safely whether that involves picking them up or arranging for them to walk home with an older student in the cast. They are working very hard and we would like all of them to continue attending. 


School photographs day took place on Friday 21st October and the company has planted a tree on behalf of Villiers High School. All orders placed will be sent direct to parent’s home addresses within 10 working days of ordering.

Please note all images are still available for parents to order, however there will now be an increased charge of £3.99 for the delivery.

Sustainability at Villiers

Eco day #LetsSwap

As part of looking at the initiate of up-cycling and recycling, students worked in small groups to design play facilities and educational resources for the school. The plan is for students to support sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint. They supported their ideas through religious teachings, where God refers to people being accountable for their actions and the world. Students will present their speeches in their next R.E. lesson. 

Eco day

The sustainability team would like to thank you for all your amazing efforts on Eco Day. The swap shops would not have been possible without the help of parents/ carers, and the students’ engagement and energy created a lovely atmosphere on the day itself.

Students learnt about many different aspects of waste and sustainability, including: Food Technology, weighing and composting waste from potatoes; Geography learning about E-Waste in Ghana; Science pupils creating presentations about reducing waste, as well as modelling the waste produced by genetic modification; MFL role plays that educate people about waste in different languages; Design Technology made Christmas ornaments from scrap paper. These are just some examples of the many aspects pupils learnt about!

Please enjoy these pictures of Eco Day celebrations and please see @VHSchool on Twitter for more.

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