Week Ending Friday 18th November 2022

Message from the Headteacher, Ms A. Sharma:

We held our first Eco day this Friday and it was great to see students learning about protecting our oceans and not increasing our waste, which goes into landfill sites. We look forward to sharing more photographs of some of the activities that took place during the day, for example, swap shop stalls, lessons on upcycling and reducing waste etc. next week. Thank you to all the staff and students for the organisation of this event.

I would also like to request that you donate some of the old uniform that your children have outgrown to the school via your child so that we can use it for our swap shop uniform stall that we will be running for parents later on this term. We will organise a day after school for parents to come in to the school hall to swap uniform. Thank you for your help in advance.

Please ask your children to make their way straight home after school rather than gathering around in groups in local shops, streets or parks. Also, please remember that we are a cashless school and any money for purchasing food in the canteen needs to be uploaded onto your child’s card via Parent Pay. If you have any difficulties with your Parent Pay account, then please get in touch and we can help you with the process of setting up and uploading funds.

I would like to urge you to limit the amount of cash you give to your child, it should be no more than £5. We have noticed that some of the children are bringing large sums of money into school, which can get lost or they might be using this to buy less desirable items outside of school.

Have a great weekend.

The National Gallery 

Twenty-two Year 9 students visited The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square to participate in the workshop ‘Portraiture: From Preparation to Paint’. Students began their workshop with a guided tour around the gallery, where they discussed the composition and use of colour in famous artworks such as the ‘Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredan’ by Giovanni Bellini. They also got to see pieces by Botticelli, Caravaggio and Michelangelo, spending time studying different facial features and experimenting with building up depth through use of light, mid and dark tones.

Following the tour, students then had to put their new knowledge to the test and replicate a portrait from the collection. They used carbon paper to help create a guide, and then used colours such as burnt umber, cadmium red and yellow ochre to paint their portraits.

The Year 9 students were exceptional ambassadors for the school and were highly praised by the session leader for their excellent focus, conduct and enthusiasm throughout the workshop – they should be extremely proud of themselves and their beautiful artwork which they got to take home!

If students wish to finish their portraits, they are welcome to come to Art Club afterschool on Wednesday, or to the Art rooms during lunchtime to use materials.

STEM Engineering Masterclass – Brunel University

On the second week of the STEM Masterclasses, Rida 9H and Jathushigah 9V learned about CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and were given a tutorial on how to use the Autodesk software. Many designers use this software to design their products, which is then printed using a 3D printer. After the tutorial, they sketched a keychain with the letter of their names and extruded the letter to make it 3D. The size of the keychain had to be 50mm by 50mm.

Debate Mate

This week in Debate Mate students took on the persona of Tik Tok influencers trying to persuade their live viewers to purchase a special item. Students used a fantastic range of techniques to really sell their product! Debate Mate takes place in O1 at 3:20pm on Tuesday afterschool, please encourage your child to join.

Football and Netball tournaments

Sixth Form students took the initiative to organise Netball and Football tournaments as part of their enrichment programme. These tournaments will take place over several weeks before the final winners can be announced. 

Bake sale

Sixth Form students are organising a bake sale to help raise funds for a Christmas charity. The bake sale will take place under the arches on Friday 9th December, during break and lunch time. 

Please show your support and purchase some baked goods on the day. 

St John’s Inspire Programme

On Monday, our Inspire Scholars were discussing Viking mythology. Dev 9L and Harrish 9V presented some of their analysis from the story of the Master Builder from Jötunheimr (Giant-land) in relation to symbolism. Students developed their skill of voice projection and eye contact.

Wellbeing in the library

We are thrilled to have taken a large order of new books on supporting wellbeing. In the new year, there will be an exciting display in the library to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week and February’s theme will focus on wellbeing.

Maths – DEI

The maths department is running a DEI competition on Islamic contributions towards mathematics. The information has been uploaded to Google Classroom by teachers. There are some exciting prizes to be won, students must hand their entry in to their maths teacher by Friday 25th November. The maths department will then select the top 3 entries, who will be awarded with prizes as well as a ‘well done’ postcard home.

DT competitions

Please read the poster for further information and encourage your child to participate.

Year 8 panto trip

Tickets are currently available on Parent Pay for the Year 8 pantomime trip. This year we are able to take the entire year group, so please login and book your ticket as soon as possible! Once you have booked a ticket, your child can collect a letter from Miss Gough in X1.

Year 9 Matilda trip

We have 45 tickets available for a Year 9 theatre trip to see Matilda in the West End. It is on a first come, first served basis and tickets are £25. They are live on Parent Pay now and once they are gone, they are gone!  Please book a place now for your child to avoid disappointment!

School production

We have officially started rehearsals for this year’s production of ‘Arabian Nights’. We are very excited for you to see it! Please be aware that rehearsals run through the majority of the Winter term and do not finish until 5pm. With the dark nights drawing in, please make plans for your child to get home safely whether that involves picking them up or arranging for them to walk home with an older student in the cast. They are working very hard and we would like all of them to continue attending. 


School photo day took place on Friday 21st October and the company has planted a tree on behalf of Villiers High School. All orders placed will be sent direct to parent’s home addresses within 10 working days of ordering.

Please note all images are still available for parents to order, however there will now be an increased charge of £3.99 for the delivery.

Canteen menu

Please see the attached breakfast club and lunch menu.

Sustainability at Villiers

Sustainability Mascot

The Eco Team are pleased to announce Villiers new mascot for sustainability: ‘The Nature Man’ by Kirankumaran, 7G! The judges were really impressed by Kirankumaran’s creative design. One member of the Eco committee said that ‘this mascot represents all aspects of our climate and how they depend on each other to create one functioning system’.

Villiers sustainability mascot – Nature Man

Eco-day arrived at Villiers today much anticipated with this terms #LetsSwap. Departments have worked extra hard to embed our sustainability initiatives into each scheme of learning, so that it becomes an integral part of the curriculum. Well done to students who planned, advertised and gathered a huge amount of books, stationery and toys so that they could take part in the #LetsSwap fun. Many students came away with books and toys they would not normally enjoy and items that would otherwise have been thrown were given a second life.

STARS team

The STARS team met on Monday to discuss what makes a powerful and persuasive speech. They analysed famous speeches and developed their public speaking skills. Our TfL liaison officers said they were very impressed and that we have ‘some great presenters on the team!’.

Key forthcoming dates

Get in touch

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