Week Ending Friday 7th October 2022

Message from the Senior Deputy Headteacher:

Black History month has started with a bang: our canteen menu has been adjusted to share some delicious food from Africa and the Caribbean, all students have had an assembly led by our Head of English, Ms Rodney, on celebrating black lives, examining injustice and exploring black histories and many different subjects have launched competitions. Please do chat with your child about what they are learning and get them to take part in at least one of the school competitions. It has been a real pleasure to meet some of the families of our new Year 7 at their tutor evening this week and to virtually meet our Year 9 parents ahead of their KS4 Options process which will start in January 2023. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your child or their progress, please do contact their Head of Year (contacts listed here) and for the majority of other questions, please consult the “Key Parental Information” section of our website.


Another successful weekend for Lamise Layla Khan 7E who bagged a gold in the South Coast Championship 2022 and won her final against a European fighter from Denmark. She now gets to have a weekend off before heading up North for her next gruelling weekend where she will be fighting in two back-to-back competitions. We wish her all the best of luck as we know she is training very hard!

Cooking club

Last week students made fairy cakes and displayed skills such as creaming, portioning and washing up. This week students made jam and marmalade puff pastry and demonstrated skills such as rolling, shaping and turning the oven to the correct temperature.   

Ski trip

We are looking to launch our first ski trip abroad. Please complete the following form below to register your interest answer a few additional questions. This will help us find a trip that best fits our needs:

Black History Month 2022

Black History Month celebrations and events are in full swing in lessons, around the corridors, in form time and even at lunchtime with our BHM inspired menus!

Things students can look out for in the coming week:

  • The BIG BHM Quiz in their tutor time.  The first individual or group to complete the quiz correctly can claim a prize from their HoY!
  • BHM menu is back on Wednesday.  Students can visit the canteen for more culinary delights.
  • The library is promoting a wide range of amazing book by black authors.  Encourage your child to visit and (literally) check one out.
  • The music department has put together the ultimate BHM playlist.  Students can go and have a look at their amazing display to listen to a range of incredible tunes by black artists and composers.

If students are inspired to do more to empower black voices and celebrate black culture at Villiers, they can catch up with Ms Rodney in O3 at lunchtime on Friday.

Design and Technology

The Design and Technology Department is hosting a showcase evening for parents. carers and students. Please join us to celebrate the display of students’ work from Graphics, Product Design, Food Technology and Textiles studies. We would like to highlight some of the creative GCSE options that are available to your child.   

During the evening, there will be a variety of creative workshops taking place involving sessions using subject specialist equipment. This special event will be one of our design highlights of the school year and the students are very happy and proud to showcase their work. 

The Design and Technology Department would appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you there! If you would like to express your interest in attending with your child, please do contact Ms Malhi (Head of D&T) for further details.

Celebrating Black History Month in the library

To celebrate Black History month the school library has a selection of brand new & popular fiction from black authors. The BHM display sits at the back of the library and will be available up until the end of December. The school library has a much larger selection of BHM fiction on the shelves; if your child would like to reserve, order or loan a book, they may speak to the school librarian.


As usual, authorisation for holidays during term-time is never granted given the disruption to children’s learning, but if students need to take time off under exceptional circumstances please collect a form from reception making sure to provide as much detail and evidence as possible in order for us to process this request.

Responsibility for equipment

We are noticing a number of students wearing expensive air pod style headphones which are quite easy to drop or lose. As with other expensive electronic equipment, the responsibility for these items lies with the pupils and the school advises parents that they allow their children to bring these at their own risk. The school will not pay for lost or damaged equipment brought onto the school site.

Forthcoming fire evacuation drill

This term we will practise our fire evacuation procedures with the school community. We practise the drill three times per year and focus on what went well and what elements could be improved. On hearing the sound of the school fire alarm, students need to demonstrate, they can follow clear instructions and get to the school’s Fire assembly point (Grass playing fields) using the nearest designated fire exit. The school has prepared a short video on these fire procedures, and this will be shown to all students in form time week commencing 3rd October. Please reinforce to students at home that fires are real, and the unfortunate incident of Grenfell Tower burning to ashes is a reminder of why it is so important to know the Fire procedures at the school and being prepared to evacuate in the event of an emergency. 

Forthcoming lockdown drill

This term we will also practice our lockdown procedures with the school community.  We practice the drill once per year and focus on what went well and what elements could be improved. The lockdown drill is performed in the event of a security breach at the school. On hearing the lockdown buzzer, students need to demonstrate, they can follow clear instructions, by following the school’s five C.L.O.S.E principles. These principles will be discussed with students in form time and the school has prepared a short video on these procedures which will be shown to all student’s week commencing 10th October.

Key forthcoming dates

Get in touch

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the school further or any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: info@villiers.ealing.sch.uk