Week Ending Friday 30th September 2022

Message from the Senior Deputy Headteacher:

As you will be aware, no doubt, next month is Black History Month. We are often barely awake in the morning before we have heard or seen some of the injustice and atrocities around the world, so this month, as the Editor of Black History Month, Catherine Ross, puts it, “It’s time for change“. Please encourage your children to take part in our exciting competitions aimed at celebrating black lives, examining injustice and exploring black history wherever they can this month. This week we have been looking through the feedback and marking that is being carried out for Upper School students. The teachers have been working hard to give your children really useful feedback in books, online and verbally, but if they don’t use it, it is a waste of their time. Encourage them to act on feedback. Finally, a reminder that we are a no-chewing-gum school. If your child brings gum on site, they will have it removed and be given a consequence.

Artwork competition

Congratulations to Jathushigah 9V who was a runner up for the Sudocrem – My Little Masterpiece competition. She competed against 1,300 people in the UK and this project kept her occupied for three weeks. The artwork she has created is an interpretation of the grand opening of Sudocrem topia. She was elated and thankful for the support she received from family and teachers as they encouraged her to get involved in the competition.

Art on the underground competition

Congratulations to Vinusha 8I who won the DT school competition to design a cover for the London underground tube map. Her artwork was recognised by TFL art on the underground and she won a goodie bag full of art materials. 


A massive congratulations to Lamise 7E who fought in the British National Taekwondo Championships 2022 at the England Institute of Sport up in Sheffield. She made it all the way to the final and is this year’s runner up and silver medallist. It was an absolutely nail biting final and she fought her heart out showing sheer determination and resilience, we are extremely proud of her massive achievement. She will now be competing in the South Coast Championship 2022 this weekend. We wish her all the best of luck!

Art Club

For the first Art Club of the year, students explored Matisse’s famous cut-outs which were made using paper. They worked in small teams to examine and recreate their chosen Matisse artwork, demonstrating excellent teamwork and creativity. The Art Club members should be extremely proud of what they created in under 40 minutes!

October star science student of the month

Congratulations to the following students for their consistent and exceptional work in science. They were selected as our October ‘Star Science Student of the Month’. They will be awarded with an exciting book prize.

Y7 Maninder
Y8 Issa
Y9 Emily
Y10 Murthad
Y11 Johan

Year 7 – Maths Mind Missions

On Tuesday 26th September’, sixty Year 7 students participated in the Maths Mind Missions activity. They competed with their classmates to complete challenging but exciting puzzles such as 3D team challenge, bizarre maths and brain blaster puzzles. To successfully complete the challenges, the students were required to work collaboratively within their teams, use their problem-solving skills and apply their mathematical thinking and reasoning skills. All students thoroughly enjoyed themselves doing maths. The external presenter was very complimentary of their engagement and behaviour. Please see below some comments from our Year 7 students about their experience of this mathematical event: 

“I enjoyed the problem solving and illusions. We should have more of these activities again.”

“The tasks were challenging and educational but also FUN.”

Interform Football

We kicked off this year’s interform competition with Football. Year 10 form groups all took part in this exciting event. The following classes made it into the semi-finals: 10V, 10E, 10L and 10G. The semi-final winners were 10L and 10G, who then went through to the finals. It was a thrilling final competition, which went to penalties and saw 10L winning the competition 2 – 0. Well done to all the players who competed and showed excellent sportsmanship.

International day of peace assembly

International Day of Peace is celebrated on 21st September every year all over the world. Mr Jones, our Head of year 7, explained its importance. The day provides an opportunity for individuals, organisations and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. International Day of Peace was established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly. The first Day of Peace was held on 21st September 1982. In 2002 the General Assembly officially declared September 21st as the permanent date for a ‘Day of Peace’. Mr Jones quoted his grandmother, “one simply has to be nice to others to lead a peaceful life”.

Design and Technology

The Design and Technology Department is hosting a showcase evening for parents. carers and students. Please join us to celebrate the display of students’ work from Graphics, Product Design, Food Technology and Textiles studies. We would like to highlight some of the creative GCSE options that are available to your child.   

During the evening, there will be a variety of creative workshops taking place involving sessions using subject specialist equipment. This special event will be one of our design highlights of the school year and the students are very happy and proud to showcase their work. 

The Design and Technology Department would appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you there! If you would like to express your interest in attending with your child, please do contact Ms Malhi (Head of D&T) for further details.

Science Club

Enthusiastic students curiosity about how acids behave was piqued when they attended Science Club on Thursday lunchtime in N35. Armanullah (12L) and Jatin (12E) guided and supervised their younger peers’ experiments. They taught them how to safely conduct the experiments and to work collaboratively.  All the students participated and gained confidence working in the laboratory too. 

Creative chemistry with balloons

How does one see electron orbitals in our school’s laboratory in the absence of expensive high-tech electron microscopes? Creative chemists used balloons to show and describe s- and p- orbitals of an atom in our school’s laboratory. The shape, arrangement and movement of the balloons helped group discussion and explanations about electron configuration and electron orbitals. Our enterprising chemists used their creativity to exhibit scientific models and images for their younger peers at the extracurricular fair too.

Science department – Year 6 open evening

Students and staff put their heart and soul into the year 6 open evening activities to engage and enthuse parents and prospective students during the open evening. Every possible effort was made and all available resources were used to showcase our outstanding school and its ambience. Parents and prospective students were provided various opportunities to gain a flavour of our outstanding school’s culture. 

Black History Month

We are proud to be celebrating Black History Month at Villiers throughout October. Everything Black History Month will be all over the school for the next three weeks, from quizzes in form time, assemblies, lesson activities and even food! There will be special menus each Wednesday in the canteen starting with: 

Week 1 (05/10/2022) – Jerk chicken drumsticks, beef pepper pot, Jamaican veg patties, sweet potato mash, fried plantain, raspberry and coconut sponge with custard.

Please see further details below of the competitions we are running:

Celebrating DEI in science

Forthcoming fire evacuation drill

This term we will practise our fire evacuation procedures with the school community. We practise the drill three times per year and focus on what went well and what elements could be improved. On hearing the sound of the school fire alarm, students need to demonstrate, they can follow clear instructions and get to the school’s Fire assembly point (Grass playing fields) using the nearest designated fire exit. The school has prepared a short video on these fire procedures, and this will be shown to all students in form time week commencing 3rd October. Please reinforce to students at home that fires are real, and the unfortunate incident of Grenfell Tower burning to ashes is a reminder of why it is so important to know the Fire procedures at the school and being prepared to evacuate in the event of an emergency. 

Forthcoming lockdown drill

This term we will also practice our lockdown procedures with the school community.  We practice the drill once per year and focus on what went well and what elements could be improved. The lockdown drill is performed in the event of a security breach at the school. On hearing the lockdown buzzer, students need to demonstrate, they can follow clear instructions, by following the school’s five C.L.O.S.E principles. These principles will be discussed with students in form time and the school has prepared a short video on these procedures which will be shown to all student’s week commencing 10th October.

C – Close all doors, gates, blinds and Windows

L – Lock up and lights off

O – Out of sight

S – Stay silent

E – Endurance



As usual, authorisation for holidays during term-time is never granted given the disruption to children’s learning, but if students need to take time off under exceptional circumstances please collect a form from reception making sure to provide as much detail and evidence as possible in order for us to process this request.

Responsibility for equipment

We are noticing a number of students wearing expensive air pod style headphones which are quite easy to drop or lose. As with other expensive electronic equipment, the responsibility for these items lies with you and the school advises that it will not pay for lost or damaged equipment brought onto the school site.

Key forthcoming dates

03/10/22            Black History Month begins
04/10/22            Year 11 Art and Photography trip to the V&A
06/10/22            Year 7 Settling in Evening (parent meetings with tutors)
4 – 6.30pm

Year 9 Options evening (virtual parent information session)
5 – 6pm
13/10/22            Year 10 Introduction to Key Stage 4 evening
5 – 5.45pm

Year 12 Introduction to Key Stage 5 evening 6.15 – 7pm

D.T. Showcase evening
4 – 6.30pm
17/10/22            Year 7 CATs testing
18/10/22            A level Geography residential visit to Swanage (until 21st October)
19/10/22            Year 7 Residential (until 21st October)
21/10/22            Whole school photographs
22/10/22            October half term (to 29th October)

Upcoming exam dates

Upcoming exam dates

Y12 & Y13 Senior Mathematical Challenge: Tuesday 4th October

Y13 University Admission Tests: Tuesday 18th October and Wednesday 2nd November

Y12 & Y13 English Language and Maths GCSE resit exams: Monday 31st October – Monday 7th November

Y11 & Y13 Mock exams: Wednesday 9th November – Wednesday 23rd November

Get in touch

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the school further or any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: info@villiers.ealing.sch.uk