Week Ending Friday 23rd September 2022

Message from the Senior Deputy Headteacher:

We were delighted to welcome the families of prospective students to our Year 6 open evening yesterday. During their visit they were able to experience some of the diverse learning experiences on offer at Villiers from exciting experiments to computational conundrums and much more. We look forward to welcoming prospective sixth formers from our current Year 11 to our ‘Into sixth form’ evening 29th September starting at 4.30pm. Our clubs and enrichment fair has also taken place boasting 62 diverse clubs that students can sign up to, some of the most popular clubs being sports, cooking, art, photography, music and book buzz. Teachers were impressed with students’ enthusiasm and we have enjoyed welcoming them along to the first sessions this week. If your child hasn’t yet signed up to a club, please encourage them to contact the club leader. We have opened our book of condolence for her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the school reception. Parents, staff and students are welcome to sign this. We will keep it open until 21st October and then send it to the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace.

Enrichment fair

At last week’s enrichment fair, students experienced a taster of what activities are on offer. Enrichment clubs are running before school, during lunchtime and after school. Students from Year 7 to 12 can sign up for clubs this Autumn term, run by both teachers and sixth form students. Students have the opportunity to change clubs and try new activities in January. Please encourage your child to join at least one club per term.

Language GCSE / A-Level exam

If your child is in Year 11 or 13 and is good at any other languages or is keen to sit a GCSE/ A-Level exam in that language, please email Mrs Dhaliwal with their full name, form and the language they would like to sit the GCSE/ A-Level exam in.  

HPV vaccination

On Friday 30th September, Year 10 will receive their second dose of the HPV vaccination in school. Students will be given their time slot. Please encourage your child to have this vaccination. If you have any further question, you may email the welfare officer.


As usual, authorisation for holidays during term-time is never granted given the disruption to children’s learning, but if students need to take time off under exceptional circumstances please collect a form from reception making sure to provide as much detail and evidence as possible in order for us to process this request.

Responsibility for equipment

We are noticing a number of students wearing expensive air pod style headphones which are quite easy to drop or lose. As with other expensive electronic equipment, the responsibility for these items lies with the pupils and the school advises parents that they allow their children to bring these at their own risk. The school will not pay for lost or damaged equipment brought onto the school site.

Forthcoming fire evacuation drill

This term we will practice our fire evacuation procedures with the school community. We practice the drill three times per year and focus on what went well and what elements could be improved. On hearing the sound of the school fire alarm, students need to demonstrate, they can follow clear instructions and get to the school’s Fire assembly point (Grass playing fields) using the nearest designated fire exit. The school has prepared a short video on these fire procedures, and this will be shown to all students in form time week commencing 3rd October. Please reinforce to students at home, that fires are real, and the unfortunate incident of Grenfell Tower burning to ashes is a reminder of why it is so important to know the Fire procedures at the school and being prepared to evacuate in the event of an emergency. 

Forthcoming lockdown drill

This term we will also practice our lockdown procedures with the school community.  We practice the drill once per year and focus on what went well and what elements could be improved. The lockdown drill is performed in the event of a security breach at the school. On hearing the lockdown buzzer, students need to demonstrate, they can follow clear instructions, by following the school’s five C.L.O.S.E principles. These principles will be discussed with students in form time and the school has prepared a short video on these procedures which will be shown to all student’s week commencing 10th October. 

C – Close all doors, gates, blinds and Windows

L – Lock up and lights off

O – Out of sight

S – Stay silent

E – Endurance

Free school meals

If your child meets the criteria for free school meals, please download and complete this form. Paper copies can also be collected by your child from the Admin Office. Once you have completed the form this can be returned back to the Admin Office.

Key forthcoming dates

22/09/22Sixth form open evening from 4:30 – 6:30pm
30/09/22            Year 7 STAR reading tests (H half)
03/10/22            Black History Month begins
04/10/22            Year 11 Art and Photography trip to the V&A
06/10/22            Year 7 Settling in Evening (parent meetings with tutors) 4 – 6:30pm
Year 9 Options evening (virtual parent information session) 5 – 6pm
13/10/22            Year 10 Introduction to Key Stage 4 evening 5 – 5.45pm
Year 12 Introduction to Key Stage 5 evening 6.15 – 7pm
D.T. Showcase evening 4 – 6.30pm
17/10/22            Year 7 CATs testing
18/10/22            A level Geography residential visit to Swanage (until 21st October)
19/10/22            Year 7 Residential (until 21st October)
21/10/22            Whole school photographs
22/10/22            October half term (to 29th October)