Week Ending Friday 3rd November 2023

Message from the Headteacher, Mr C Richards:

Welcome back following what was quite a wet, but hopefully restful half term break. We have just entered Islamophobia awareness month and look forward to a series of competitions and assemblies to mark this important event.

Over the half-term a huge amount of work has taken place at the school. Our parquet flooring in reception and just beyond has been restored to its former glory, the windows on the east-elevation of the old block have been replaced, a canopy has been installed in the playground for extra all-weather play and learning space (extremely necessary at the moment) and the finishing touches have been going into our hall refurbishment. All this while numerous students came in to study with their teachers in preparation for forthcoming exams. Quite busy even by our standards!

This week we have welcomed ‘Action Jackson’ to motivate our year 11s ahead of their forthcoming assessments which we hope will spur them on to do lots of revision but also to look after themselves. We held our pop up event for the school streets project yesterday. For those who were unable to attend there will be an online information event Tuesday, 7th November from 7.00pm to 7.30pm. Please book using this link. We have also had our Heathrow challenge competition for year 8s today and will give you more information in the next bulletin.

A reminder with the nights drawing in to encourage your children to go straight home from school using well lit pathways and wearing reflective items where possible. Our exciting clubs and enrichment activities continue and where there are later finishes, please do try to pick your children up at the end of the day if time allows.

Spanish trip- Barcelona

We are delighted to invite your child on a Spanish trip to Barcelona! The trip will take place from Friday 12th July to Monday 15th July and pupils will be travelling by plane. Letters to be found on Google Classroom or collected from their language teacher. There are only thirty places available, so please act now!

School photographs

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to reschedule school photographs for all pupils in years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 for Tuesday 5th December.

2024 Pearson National Teaching Awards

Pearson are now accepting entries for the 2024 National Teaching Awards. Entries must be submitted before Friday 22nd December. This award shines a spotlight on our unsung heroes, from stand-out teachers, friendly caretakers, playground helpers to brilliant office receptionists. This is the only award open to nominations from parents, carers and pupils. Send in your nomination here.

School Street Engagement and Consultation Newsletter for Families

The School Street survey for Villiers High School opens at the end of the week to enable the local and school community to give their views on the proposed scheme. The council will be posting letters to all properties in the area. Please find attached the newsletter regarding the School Street and pop-up events taking place in November.

Dear England’ Year 10 Theatre trip

Tickets are available to purchase via Parent Pay for the year 10 GCSE Drama cohorts. Book your tickets for £20 ASAP.

School production rehearsals

We have now started our rehearsals for our annual school production. This year we are doing ‘When This Is Over’ by Company Three.  Rehearsals are being held on a Monday and Tuesday from 3:20 until 5pm. A rehearsal schedule will be published so students are aware of when they are required to attend.

With the late nights drawing in, please ensure that your child is picked up from school or organise for them to walk home with peers from school.

We look forward to you seeing the final result in February.

Year 11 GCSE Drama open dress

On Wednesday 8th November, our year 11 GCSE cohort will be performing their devised exam pieces for the first time, ahead of their real exam on Wednesday 15th November.  We would really appreciate an audience, so families are welcome to attend and watch the performances. All students will be in school until 8:30 – 9pm, as we have thirty-six students equating to nine groups.  Please sign in at reception at 4pm and someone will collect you.

National Theatre Connections Festival

We have been selected as one of fifty schools & theatre companies in the country to take part in the celebrated National Theatre Connections Festival with the opportunity to perform at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre in April.  We are opening auditions to students in year 10 – 13 and welcome them to an information evening on Wednesday 8th November after school from 3:10 – 3:30pm in O37. If students are interested in being part of this prestigious project they are encouraged to come along! 

Important Information – Free School Meals

Families who are not currently registered for free school meals but feel that they are eligible can apply using the following link here. Free school meals are available for pupils of parents or carers that receive certain benefits. Further information on the criteria for applying can be found here. If your child is eligible for benefits-related Free School Meals, please click here for further information regarding supermarket vouchers for the October half term holiday to support families.


If you are planning on buying any new items of uniform or shoes, please do consult our uniform policy on the website first to make sure you buy the correct items.

If in doubt, please contact your child’s Head of Year who will advise.

National Sleep Helpline

Ealing Mental Health Support Team (Workshop for parents)

Medical and allergy information

We need to ensure that our school records accurately reflect your child’s medical needs including information on any allergies. Please keep us informed of any changes to your child’s medical allergy condition(s) to ensure information is accurate and up to date on our school system.

If a student has been prescribed an Epi-Pen by their doctor, they should carry two: one to be carried on their person and the other to be provided to the welfare room in case of an emergency.

In addition, please encourage your child to check with the canteen staff for any food allergens before purchasing and to read the food labels on display.

If you have any queries, please contact the welfare officer directly via email welfare@villiers.ealing.sch.uk or by calling the school.

Food related questions can be directed to Charlie (Catering Manager) via email cparameswaran@villiers.ealing.sch.uk

Cycling into school

Any student cycling to school must ensure their bikes are placed in the caged bike shed.

Students with prescription medication

A reminder that students should not be carrying any medication in school (with the exception of epi pens and asthma pumps). Any prescription medication (given by a GP) must be handed to the welfare room and a medication consent form should be completed by families for health and safety purposes. If students are feeling unwell, they must go to the welfare room and family members will be contacted if necessary.

Public Health Ealing and NHS North West London

Winter is often a time of particular pressure in the NHS and there are more coughs and sniffles around in the colder months. NHS North West London are running a campaign to raise awareness of the different NHS services that are available, and when it’s the right time to use them. This will help people get the right care when they need it and alleviate pressure on A&E.

Villiers Diner

We are excited to share next week’s canteen menu with you. Please click along each slide.

Autumn Term extra curricular clubs timetable

We are very proud to present our vast array of enrichment offers this term. Please see the timetable for all activities taking place during lunch and after school. Encourage your child to participate in at least one club per term.

Key forthcoming dates

For our major events, please check here.

6/11/23GCSE Resits begin and take place until 13th November
Gardening Club → Southall Square Flower Bed planting

Year 11 Geography Field Trip
UK Parliament Week
7/11/23Years 9 & 10 St John’s Inspire Trip to St John’s College Oxford
8/11/23Year 11 GCSE Drama Open Dress Rehearsal 
Year 11 Geography Field Trip

GCSE Music Solo Recordings
9/11/23GCSE Music Solo Recordings
Drama – ‘Dear England’ Trip
10/11/23The school will recognise Armistice Day
13/11/23 Year 12 Sociology Trip → Emmanuel Centre
Gardening Club → Southall Square Flower Bed planting

Anti-bullying week
14/11/23Year 12 History Trip → Emmanuel Centre
15/11/23Year 11 GCSE Drama C1 Performance Exam
16/11/23Disability History Month → 16th December
17/11/23Year 10 Reading Screen

Get in Touch

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the school further or any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: info@villiers.ealing.sch.uk