Week Ending Friday 29th September 2023

Message from the Headteacher, Mr C Richards:

29/09/23 Family Bulletin HT Message
It was UK National Inclusion week this week and due to this we focused assemblies on visible and invisible (dis)abilities in form time and assemblies. It was an opportunity to remind our children about the protected characteristics and why it’s important that we celebrate our differences. We will take this philosophy forward into Black History month next month.
We also had a visit from Ealing’s SACRE committee to renew our determination. Our visitor and the committee were highly impressed with the arrangements for collective worship or reflection and explained in the report that “it is really clear that there is a culture of openness, deep thinking and reflection embedded at Villiers – it is a credit to you and your staff.” The committee suggested that this best practice is shared locally which we will, of course, support.
Thank you to the families who visited us for the year 11 preparation for exam success and into 6th form evening. We were delighted to meet so many of you and look forward to seeing you again in December for the subject evening.

Year 11 Drama Trip

On Wednesday we took our entire year 11 GCSE Drama cohort to the National Theatre to watch the phenomenal production of ‘Father and the Assassin’.  It was an incredible telling of Ghandi’s story through the eyes of the man who assassinated him.  Our students got to enjoy some free time on the Southbank before entering the holy ground of theatre!

Free school meal applications – please read

Families who are not currently registered for free school meals, but feel that they are eligible can apply using the following link here. Free school meals are available for pupils of parents/carers that receive certain benefits. Further information on the criteria for applying can be found here.


We have included video guidance for families to view which gives details on how to set up a ParentPay account. You can find further information on the ParentPay help page. For further queries or if you are unable to set up your account, please contact the school office via email on info@villiers.ealing.sch.uk

Any ID cards, holders, lanyards, blazer badges or school planners purchased via ParentPay must be collected from the school office (not the canteen).

How do I pay for my items? (Video)
ParentPay guide (Video)

Villiers Diner

We are excited to share next week’s canteen menu with you. Please click on each image to expand.

Celebrating Black History Month

Ealing Mental Health Support Team (workshop for parents)

Students with prescription medication

A reminder that students should not be carrying any medication in school (with the exception of epi pens and asthma pumps). Any prescription medication (given by a GP) must be handed to the welfare room and a medication consent form should be completed by families for health and safety purposes. If students are feeling unwell, they must go to the welfare room and families will be contacted if necessary.

Medical and allergy information

We need to ensure that our school records accurately reflect your child’s medical needs including information on any allergies. Please keep us informed of any changes to your child’s medical allergy condition(s) to ensure information is accurate and up to date on our school system.

If a student has been prescribed an Epi-Pen by their doctor, they should carry two: one to be carried on their person and the other to be provided to the welfare room in case of an emergency.

In addition, please encourage your child to check with the canteen staff for any food allergens before purchasing and to read the food labels on display.

If you have any queries, please contact the welfare officer directly via email welfare@villiers.ealing.sch.uk or by calling the school.

Food related questions can be directed to Charlie (Catering Manager) via email cparameswaran@villiers.ealing.sch.uk

Homeless Charity

Volunteer with the Felix Project

To continue supporting our community, the SEND team is planning a donation to help the homeless of Southall. We would like families to please contribute towards the cause. All items will be donated to the Hope for Southall Street Homeless.

Men’s clothes needed: All medium sized.

• Winter Jackets
• Joggers and Hoodies
• Socks
• Trainers (sizes 8, 9, 10)

The dropping point will be in school and for more information the contact person will be Ms Z Rathod. Last date for collection is Wednesday 1st November 2023.

Volunteer with The Felix Project and join thousands of fellow Londoners in the fight against food waste and hunger. The Felix Project is London’s leading food redistribution charity and is looking for volunteers to help redistribute supplies. If you have time to volunteer, please click here to find out more.

Autumn Term extra curricular clubs timetable

We are very proud of our enrichment offer. Please see the timetable for all activities taking place this term. See below for details of our lunch and after school clubs.

Key forthcoming dates
For our major events, please check here.

02/10/23Black History month begins
Year 7 STAR tests during English lessons this week.
03/10/23Senior Maths Challenge (KS4)
04/10/23Year 8 and 9 Maths Architecture Workshop
05/10/23Full Governing Board meeting (Evening)
06/10/23Diversity Role Models (Year 7)
Year 11 Reading Screening
Assistant Deputy Head Student Interviews
09/10/23Year 7 CAT testing week
11/10/23Year 11 Geography Field Trip
12/10/23Year 12 Induction TripYear 7 Parents’ Evening 1630 – 1830
13/10/23Diversity Role Models (Year 7)Year 10 Reading Screen
Looking ahead: Half term 21/10/23 – 29/10/23

Get in Touch

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the school further or any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: info@villiers.ealing.sch.uk