Week Ending Friday 21st October 2022

Message from the Headteacher, Ms A. Sharma:

It has been a really successful start to this academic year and a huge thank you for all your support this half term.  I am very proud of our staff and students who maintain such high standards on a daily basis.  Next half term, Year 11 and Year 13 students will be focussing on their mock examinations.  Please do everything you can to support them at home to stay calm, positive and to organise their revision. 

Please remember that all students return to school on Monday 31st October 2022. 

Happy Diwali to all our friends and colleagues who will be celebrating this festival of lights on Monday 24th October.  Best wishes to you, your families and friends.

Have a relaxing break.

British National Taekwondo Championships 

Congratulations to Shaan 8E who participated in the British National Taekwondo Championships held in Sheffield and won the bronze medal. He then went on to participate in the British European selection on Saturday 15th October and won another bronze medal. Well done to Shaan, we are very proud of him!

Cooking Club

Last week the cooking club learnt to make spaghetti and displayed skills such as, vegetable preparation, cutting, rock chopping, peeling and slicing as well as handling raw meat (chicken). This week the cooking club made shortbread and demonstrated skills such as creaming, sieving, tray-lining, rolling, shaping and turning the oven on.  

Art Club

The Art Club has been practicing drawing facial features using various graphite pencils such as 2H, HB, and 6B in preparation for a self-portrait. They drew their initial sketch using a hard pencil with light pressure, and then built up the mid-tones and shadows with the softer pencils. With eyes and noses out of the way, next week is all about drawing lips. Well done to the Art Club members who have made excellent progress.

Saturday Club – University of West London

If you would like your child to participate, please encourage them to put their name forward to their teachers.  

Consultation – 1FE Expansion and Additional Resourced Provision

With the new build taking place, Villiers is planning to become a nine-form entry school and to provide an Additional Resource Base to support special educational needs students. There will be a consultation meeting held on Thursday 10th November in the school hall from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Parents and staff are welcome to attend to discuss the details, plans and ask any questions regarding the impact this would have on the school. 

Student mock exam timetables

Year 11, 13 and Year 12 Business BTEC student mock exam timetables can be found under ‘Exam Information’ on our website.

Reporting Absence

If your child will be absent from school, please let us know either by phoning the school number or sending an email. If you know that the absence will be for more than one day, please let us know the expected length of absence, when you contact us. If the absence is only known on a day-to-day basis, please contact us at the start of each day of absence by calling the attendance officer on 020 8867 9077 or the main school number on 020 8813 8001 and you will be able to leave a voicemail message to let us know that your child will be absent from school. Alternatively, you can send an email to Studentabsence@villiers.ealing.sch.uk. Please include your child’s name, their year group and, if possible, their tutor group

Please ensure this is done by 8am at the very latest, each day.

Please remember, we will never authorise term time holidays and all leave of absence requests need to be made via the form attached 4 weeks prior. All requests are at the discretion of the Headteacher. Any unauthorised absence, may lead to a fixed-term penalty of £60.

World Mental Health Day

In student assemblies last week, we celebrated World Mental Health Day. As part of our on going support of students’ mental health and wellbeing, we introduced and launched the Kooth App.

Please click  here for the video and encourage your child to download and start using the app to take advantage of this free and useful source.

GCSE exam dress rehearsal

On Tuesday 1st November, Year 11 students are having their open GCSE exam dress rehearsal. This is a week ahead of their real exam and we would love for you, their parents/ carers to come and watch it. Performances will start at 5:30pm and run until approximately 7:30/ 8pm, depending on the running time. Students will be off timetable all day in order to prepare for this.

School production

We have officially started rehearsals for this year’s production of ‘Arabian Nights’. We are very excited for you to see it! Please be aware that rehearsals run through the majority of winter and do not finish until 5pm. Therefore, with the dark nights drawing in, please make appropriate plans for your child to get home safely, whether that is picking them up or arranging for them to walk home with an older student in the cast. They are working very hard and it would be a shame to lose any of them due to winter rehearsals. 

Sustainability at Villiers

Last year’s campaigns

A reminder of our campaigns from last year:

#OneLess, Love food, hate waste and #Grow

1) Students should not be bringing or using any single use plastic bottles in school. They should bring their issued hard plastic bottle and refill it throughout the day. 

2) During lunchtime students should only take the amount of food they can finish and must not waste food. 

3) Students must help our school environment to become greener by looking after the shrubs and trees that have already been planted. 

Our campaign this term

#LetsSwap! The eco team is pleased to announce that our next Eco Day will be Friday 18th November. The day will focus on reducing landfill waste by reusing, repairing and upcycling. We want to encourage the whole school to consider alternatives to landfill. Students should ask themselves…

  • Can you repair or upcycle a household item, rather than throwing it out?
  • Can you buy things second hand rather than new?
  • Can you swap books, toys and stationary at the Villiers Swap Shop on Eco Day?

Keep an eye out for more information about #LetsSwap, coming soon.

Sustainability competitions

Mascot competition

Villiers needs a sustainability mascot, and we need students to design it! The Student Council came up with the great idea of a mascot to represent our sustainability journey at Villiers. The character must be eye-catching and recognisable, and most importantly embody sustainability. The character also needs a fun and catchy name. Students need to submit their design to Miss Farrell, either as a physical copy or by email as a scan, by Friday 11th November. 

World food poster competition

We want to hear form students aged between 11 and 19. We would like them to use their imagination and create a poster showing a world where no one is left behind, and everyone has access to healthy and affordable food. Discover more information about the competition here. Please encourage students to design a poster and submit it by Friday 4th November for a chance to win a gift bag and certificate of recognition. 


Students who have tested positive for Covid must remain at home. Please do not send your child to school until they have a negative test result.

Students’ birthdays

If students wish to bring in sweets or chocolates on their birthday, these must be nut free and sugar free, as we are a healthy school. 

Key forthcoming dates

Get in touch

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the school further or any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: info@villiers.ealing.sch.uk